Billing Questions:
Question: What will I see on my payment statement?
- Your credit card will be discreetly billed by one of our processor "CCBILL.COM".
Question: Do I have unlimited access with my membership?
- If you purchased the single (one time) membership, you account will be charged only one time. For membership with recurring billing option, your will be charged during initial signup and then after the first period (can be 2-30 days depending on the purchased membership plan) your account will be charged every thirty days. If you cancel your account before the date of the next charge, your membership will not be renewed and your account will not be charged any more, but you will still have active membership until the end of the paid period.
Question: How to cancel my membership?
- You can cancel your membership at the the cancellation page, click here.
Question: How to find out if my membership has been cancelled?
- You will get the confirmation e-mail, that your membership has been cancelled. This e-mail is the cancellation confirmation. If somehow you are not sure whether your membership was cancelled or not, please, submit the contact form with REGISTERED E-MAIL, USERNAME, PASSWORD, we'll check the status of your membership and let you know about it.
Question: What is your refund policy?
- All sales are final. The exception can be made only if the sale breaks the local law or credit card processing rules or other cases described in Terms and Conditions.
   Password Questions:
Question: What is my login data (username and/or password)?
- You had to get the confirmation e-mail after signup, it contains the username and password to login. If you can't find it in "Inbox" folder, try to look for it in "Spam" or "Junk Mail" folders. However, if you no longer have that email, we can help you to retrieve your login information, please, submit the contact form with as much information as possible about your membership (first name, last name and registered e-mail is usually enough).
Question: My username and password don't work. What to do?
- Probably, you made mistake typing username or/and password. Username and password are case-sensitive. It's better if you copy username and password from signup confirmation e-mail directly to login box (select username by holding left mouse button, press right mouse button and select "Copy" from popup menu, then click right mouse button on the space used for username typing and select "Paste" from popup menu. Do the same action for your password).
- Switch off proxy server if you use it, also switch off any anonymizer, firewall or other blocking software and try to login again (all mentioned software can block any authorization (login) requests).
- Still can't? Please, submit the contact form with REGISTERED E-MAIL, USERNAME, PASSWORD. Also, please, describe your problem to allow us to help you as soon as possible.
   Technical Questions:
Question: What software do I need to play video files?
- You need to have Windows Media Player installed, but we recommend to install the free GOM Player from
It's a great player, which is able to locate necessary codec for video playback by it's own. Also it's necessary to install the free DivX codec from
If you have both GOM Player and DivX codec, you should have no video playback problems at all.
Question: I have problem playing video - video files can't be opened or I have black screen with sound. How to fix?
- You need to download the latest free DivX codec/player from
Then you need Save each video on your hard disk (by pressing right mouse button on video link and choosing "Save Target As". After that you are able to play video directly from your computer using Windows Media Player or using player provided with DivX package
Question: I have Apple PC with MacOS installed. How can I play your video?
- You need to download the latest free DivX codec/player for MacOS from
After that you are able to play video using player provided with DivX package
Also to play some video files you could need the Windows Media Player for Mac
Adviced above GOM Player is not available for MacOS, instead of it you can use Vlc Player
Here's the useful article for those who want to play video files under MacOS
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